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Who Are Kidchen?

So apparently we were featured in @cheshirelifemag in October which Vix found online this week! This is really exciting for us and we feel that our new followers may like to know a little bit more information about Vix and I and our business, Kitchen.

Vix and me started this venture a year ago as we wanted to offer an alternative choice in the baby/kids convenience food sector that really homes in on children’s health and healthy eating habits. 

We create healthy meals bursting with exciting flavours and new adventures as we want to inspire parents to feed their kids meals that they might not think of cooking themselves. 

All our meals are handmade - not mass produced. We have a strong focus on provenance, using only full fresh organic vegetables, meat and poultry along with sustainable fish. 

We use herbs, spices, garlic and citrus fruits to enhance flavours and avoid stabilisers, preservatives, added salts and sugars. Our only preservation method is freezing on the day of creation, which locks in the flavour. 
We support a child’s food journey from first tastes all the way through to 4 years old as we are truly invested in their development. 

We deliver direct to our customers’ doors and our service is available nationwide. Our boxes are recyclable and we use sustainable lamb’s wool for insulation. 

Our ambition is to ensure that children grow up with a healthy relationship towards ALL food. We don’t buy into any fads and our meals are honest, balanced and nutritious to help grow great little eaters. If you are interested in our service please get in touch!