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I Interesting article in the Independent regarding children’s eating habits. While some believe that the way in which parents feed their children can have a huge impact on their chances of gaining weight, scientists at King’s College London and University College London have claimed that this may not necessarily be the case. Instead they are suggesting that the way parents feed their young ones is likely to depend on their children’s natural weight. In a study published in the journal PLOS GENETICS the team explored the correlation between a child’s “genetic predisposition towards a higher or lower weight” and their parent’s feeding techniques. They found parents whose children were genetically predisposed to have a lower weight were more pressuring of...


The importance of eating together as a family.

  We’re truly passionate about children developing a healthy relationship with food and part of this process involves eating together as a family. We live in a different world than the one we grew up in. Time seems less and responsibilities seem more and Family Mealtimes are regrettably becoming inexistent. Here at Kidchen we are on a mission to bring back the old traditions and to make it easier for parents and children to sit together and enjoy the same meal. Here are a number of reasons why we feel so strongly about this; Family Time Eating together provides a time to be connected. This helps children feel loved, safe and secure. Use meal times to teach children about family...


Screen Time For Children

Screen time guidance published this week by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH).   The report suggests that parents approach screen time based on a child’s developmental age, the individual need and value the family place on positive activities such as socialising, exercise and sleep - saying that when screen time displaces these activities, the evidence suggests that there is a risk to well-being. I limit screen time for Florence but also value its role in her development and education.    We’re living in a digital world and whether we like it or not children need computer skills to succeed in school and employment in the future. The year 5 curriculum now expects children to code! Found that out last...


Looking After Your Little One's Nutrition

It’s Children’s Mental Health Week and we are truly passionate about food and the effects food can have on your child’s emotional well being. Good nutrition is so important for growth and development, particularly in childhood when rapid growth and brain development takes place. At a time when eating patterns are being established, emotional and behavioural problems may also occur.  Researchers around the world have investigated the relationship between what children are eating and mental health problems. Many studies from a multitude of countries showed that a dietary pattern higher in added sugar and fats, processed food and junk food was linked to more emotional and behavioural problems in children.  A balanced mood and feelings of well being can, however,...


Who Are Kidchen?

So apparently we were featured in @cheshirelifemag in October which Vix found online this week! This is really exciting for us and we feel that our new followers may like to know a little bit more information about Vix and I and our business, Kitchen. Vix and me started this venture a year ago as we wanted to offer an alternative choice in the baby/kids convenience food sector that really homes in on children’s health and healthy eating habits.  We create healthy meals bursting with exciting flavours and new adventures as we want to inspire parents to feed their kids meals that they might not think of cooking themselves.  All our meals are handmade - not mass produced. We have a strong focus...