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About Kidchen


Hi, we’re Sarah and Victoria and we’ve been best friends since school. We launched Kidchen in 2018 and since our launch, we’ve helped support hundreds of kids on their food journey, from their first tastes through to established family favourites and dishes rooted in cultures from around the world all from our Kidchen.  

Our Story

We have always loved to travel, to meet new people and experience new things. We firmly believe this is how you best see the world and this is how you grow. It is from these ideas that Kidchen was born. Quite simply we want the same for children and believe that introducing babies to different tastes, smells and experiences from an early age truly helps them develop and grow into great little people, preparing them for a full, rich and healthy life. 

Our recipes take inspiration from different countries and cultures, each carefully crafted from organically grown produce. Each meal is bursting with exciting flavours and new adventures. 

Helping mealtimes finally become happy times.